Car Rider Information

If your child does not ride the bus, they should be dropped off and picked up at the designated car-rider entrance of OCPS. They may be dropped off no earlier than 7:30am and picked up no later than 3:00pm.

Please notify the school in writing if your child will be a car-rider every day or at any time during the year. This note should be sent in the student's book bag and it will be forwarded by the teacher to the office. Your child will be issued a car-rider note from the office. Please remember to include the date, child's name (first and last), teacher's name, and the person picking the child up each time you send a note.

If you did not send a note with your child, you may fax, e-mail, or drop off a note before 2pm in order to have the child be a car-rider for that day. Changes may not be made by phone.

Remember that Georgia law requires all passengers in a motor vehicle be in an appropriate seat belt, car seat, or other restraint. Don't forget to buckle up your child!

Bus Rider Information

Information on bus numbers for a particular address is available by calling the Student Transportation Center at 706-743-5751. To have your child ride the bus, notify the school in writing by sending a note in the student's book bag. Changes may otherwise be made by faxing or e-mailing the office or bringing a note by 2:00 pm. Transportation changes may not be made by phone.

Please note that due to the high volume of notes processed each day, complete information is needed each time you send a bus note. Each note should include the first and last name of the student, the date, teacher's name, bus number, address where the child will be dropped off, and emergency phone numbers. Please do not refer to the child's "regular bus" or "same as last week".

Your child's note will be forwarded to the office. They will receive a bus note to present to the bus driver before boarding in the afternoon.



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