A Note from the Principal


Dear OCPS Parent/Guardian,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new students and their families. For our returning students and families "WELCOME BACK"! At OCPS, we are committed to providing the highest level of education and strive for excellence for every student, every day! Our outstanding teaching staff, support staff and wonderful P.T.O. are committed to academic excellence and making a positive difference for all students. I encourage you to become active in our P.T.O. this year by donating your time to the various activities throughout the year.

OCPS teachers, staff, students, and parents are committed to working collaboratively to create a safe, secure, and nurturing environment that promotes the highest level of academic achievement and character development while empowering our community and meeting the diverse needs of our learners. At OCPS, we maintain high expectations for all students and adults on our campus. Students are expected to act responsibly and always do their best academically, behaviorally, and socially. We encourage our students to seek additional support whenever they have a problem, need assistance or have a concern.

We also believe that the best way to be aware of your children’s progress is to communicate with your child’s teacher. As a way to further this communication, we will have parent-teacher conferences throughout the year, quarterly report cards and progress reports every 4 ½ weeks will be sent home. It is important to listen to your child and offer them the support that they may need by encouraging them to do their best. Our school rules are carefully designed to protect our students’ best interests and to ensure our students’ success. It is very important that you and your child are fully informed regarding our policies, rules, and expectations. Please review the pages within this handbook as it is meant to answer some of your questions.

My primary goals are the education and safety of our children. Children come first therefore, we must all be positive role models for the children by continuing to model appropriate dress, conversation, and respect. The wonderful OCPS staff and I feel privileged to be a part of this school family and we value you. I wish everyone a wonderful school year at Oglethorpe County Primary School!

Educationally yours,

Olivet James-Robinson, Principal


[email protected]